Should I replace my air conditioning system or repair the central heating and air unit? If the central heating and cooling system in your home is not functioning properly these are the two options to think about. J.L. Harrison AC and Heating can help you assess the situation and give you the most cost efficient answer on whether to repair or replace the old heating and/or cooling system. Before making the decision let's consider these options:

  • Newer Energy-efficient performing units can lower utility bills
  • Comfort levels and accuracy of a new unit
  • New variable speed system create consistent indoor comfort 
  • Will the cost to repair your current unit save you money over the next few years VS the cost of replacing your outdated system with a new energy efficient air conditioning system


Whether to repair or replace your current heating and cooling system? Here are some factors to consider.

Yes there is an actual calculation. It involves weighing the repair cost vs age of your system and money saved with future use.

How heat moves through your system efficiently is the premise of the HVAC industry. Thermodynamics of heat transfer is the main goal when it comes to HVAC systems, the removal of heat in conjunction with cooling products or the creation of heat for warming your home or business, J.L Harrison AC & Heating is an expert in helping to chose the brand that is correct for your usage and environment you are trying to control. Our goal is to optimize the usage that is perfect for your particular heating and cooling needs